Why you should care about sales metrics?

When something is measured, it is managed. The same is true for sales metrics and the individuals who are in charge of them, as both have a significant role in determining whether a company is profitable. Fortunately, most companies already have a huge amount of sales data available to them. The goal is to determine which figures are most beneficial to the firm and how to interpret them to evaluate and forecast success. The most successful sales teams use their data to keep a beam focus on meeting or exceeding their sales targets.

We’ll go over the sales metrics that are most important, how you track them, and how Emerald sales CRM makes it simple. We can see the best Sales CRM software UAE in this article.

What are sales metrics?

Sales metrics are data points that illustrate the performance of a person, group, or organization. They support goal-tracking, future growth planning, revising sales compensation, awarding incentives and bonuses, and discovering any strategic problems.

Why tracking sales metrics is essential?

Sales leaders can assess what is and isn’t working in the sales process by examining sales KPIs. With this knowledge, sales managers can modify the efforts of their teams to raise overall sales performance. For instance, if a metric indicates that the sales cycle is taking longer than usual, a sales leader could look into, find, and possibly remove any bottlenecks that are contributing to the slowdown.

Additionally, sales metrics can influence how choices are made in departments, with sales representatives, regarding sales activities, products, and services. For illustration, sales leaders can assess each team member’s activities, strengths, and weaknesses. They better manage procedures, modify methods, and increase accountability for sales results. They use the best CRM software UAE for such tracking processes.

List of Sales Metrics

You could now be asking what kinds of sales metrics exist and which ones you ought to monitor. Best sales CRM software UAE will give you an effective solution.

We’ll go over some of the most crucial metrics your company needs to monitor below. The list has been divided into these categories:

Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Marketing penetration : 

Market penetration measures how many customers you have about all the market’s prospective customers.

Total revenue: 

Total revenue is the sum of all income from all operational and sales operations across all goods and services.

Pipeline Sales Metrics:

The average length of the sales cycle:

This measures how long it takes for leads to move through the sales funnel and close a contract.

Total open opportunities: 

The number of unclosed deals by a company or an individual.

Total closed opportunities: 

This is the number of accepted transactions that have been closed.

Rate of conversion:

The conversion rate in sales refers to the proportion of qualifying leads or potential customers who end up becoming brand-new, paying clients. This indicator shows the quality of leads and assists in evaluating the effectiveness of individual salespeople, sales teams, and marketing. Tracking conversion rates can reduce customer acquisition expenses and help sales organizations evaluate the success of lead-generation initiatives.

Activity Sales Metrics

Activity metrics can include social media engagements, emails sent, and interactions with prospective leads. Customer lifetime value is a measure of customer satisfaction, while total revenue is a measure of sales performance.

Length of the sales cycle

The length of the sales cycle measures how long it typically takes to close a sale after the first contact a sales representative has with a potential client. For instance, sales leaders and teams might utilize this measure to identify potential delays in the sales cycle that could risk sales and subsequently modify their procedures. Data on sales cycle duration can also enhance sales forecasting. Sales CRM software will provide all the records you want to find.

How do you track sales metrics?

You need to evaluate which metrics are most important for your team and organization before you start tracking sales data.

  • Choose a few important sales indicators that are the main forces behind the company’s sales.
  • Efficiently choose how often to take these sales metrics. For instance, the quantity of sales calls may be assessed daily, whereas pipeline coverage may be reviewed weekly or monthly.
  • Aggregate sales information. The best strategy is to use Sales CRM or sales analytics software with real-time data.
  • Use tools for data visualization. Visual data presentation aids in faster and more efficient data absorption, which has a stronger impact on sales teams. The best CRM software for small businesses offers Customizable, role-based, real-time dashboards that track metrics from the opportunity stage to closed sales and customer service.
  • Look for trends by analyzing the data. 
  • Apply results to boost sales performance. Keep an eye out for places that need improvement. What actions can the business take to halt the downward trend in average revenue per account and increase sales?

How Emerald can help you in achieving sales metrics?

Emerald sales CRM offers different methods to see your work, including Timeline View, Calendar View, and more. It also features a dashboard feature for tracking sales goals and progress. Make sure you assign tasks to people who can complete them. You can even view each team member’s workload.

You may create email reports of progress to be distributed to teams and set up routine notifications using Emerald Sales CRM to ensure you’re always informed. Emerald sales CRM is adaptable to meet a range of requirements. Without leaving the OS, you may design anything, such as sales process flowcharts to monitor your funnel and dashboards to monitor KPIs.

To establish standardized workflows and streamline communication for the best possible tracking of sales data, you can use templates and automation. The Emerald Sales CRM system UAE can be used for a variety of other sales tasks, including:

  • Contact administration
  • Lead generation
  • client projects
  • management of the sales pipeline


The right sales CRM software investment will enable you to expertly track your objectives in real-time. It will allow you to get an overall overview or delve down into the details of a task. The best CRM system UAE provides a place for everyone to communicate, and archives customer information so that it is accessible to all parties. In addition, it also reduces repetitive chores by automating some of that tasks. Together, these factors make it easier for your team to stay on track, work more effectively, and ultimately achieve its objectives. And if something goes wrong, you can investigate further to determine the cause.

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