7 automated email sequences to power your CRM

For online businesses, email marketing automation is a potent customer retention strategy. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are unsure of whether automated email campaigns are important enough to test and prioritize. We’ll go through 7 automated email sequences in this article that you can use to nurture, interact with, and turn leads into paying clients. We will also see how CRM software Dubai can help in email automation.

What is an automated email sequence?

A series of emails sent to a lead, prospect, or client automatically using automation software is known as an email sequence. A preset set of criteria, such as an action or a time delay, can start an email campaign. For instance, you could send a welcome email chain to a person who downloaded your ebook or registered for your webinar.

Why use email sequences automation?

One of the time-consuming tasks that email marketing automation eliminates is manually organizing events and creating email lists or delivering template messages. As a result, marketers, and salespeople will have more time to work on demanding tasks.

The foundation of email marketing automation is a collection of pre-defined, triggered activities that you tell your automation program to carry out on your behalf.

Using an email campaign, you can:

  • Maintain customer interest in your brand.
  • simultaneously make you money and save you time.
  • Utilize tailored and pertinent emails to automate marketing initiatives.

7 types of email sequences you can implement through CRM software

Welcoming email loop

The welcome email loop establishes the tone and gives the appropriate first impression of your company. This is the greeting and introduction to your business that you might use for leads or prospects. Additionally, it gives you a chance to include any special offers and set standards for the format and frequency of your email series.

You can send five to seven emails with the goal of introducing potential customers to your company. Sequences should last one to two weeks.

Email series for onboarding

The onboarding email series can help you walk new clients through your product or turn trial users into paying customers. The length of the email chain can change depending on the circumstance. Depending on how difficult your product or service is, you could wish to shorten or lengthen the time frame for new clients. The best CRM software for small businesses will assist in onboarding.

The goal is to give trial users or new customers useful information. There should be five emails altogether. The sequence should last one to two weeks.

Email loop for lead nurturing

A lead nurturing email campaign tries to inform prospects about your product while demonstrating that you are aware of their problems. Instead of trying to make a sale, the objective is to establish a connection and foster trust. To keep prospects interested, it’s important to keep these emails short and simple and include a variety of content, such as white papers, case studies, and comparison guides. You will be able to transfer your leads to the conversion email through the best CRM solution Dubai.

The goal is to establish relationships and earn trust. There should be four emails overall. Sequence lengths of two to three weeks are possible.

Conversion email chain

For prospects who are ready to make a purchase, use the conversion email chain. Only prospects who have already opened, interacted with, and responded to the lead nurturing series are eligible. You are now asking prospects to take action, such as making an appointment, setting up a demo, or making a purchase, rather than educating or inspiring them. 

The goal is to convert prospects. There may be two to three emails. The sequence length could be one to two weeks.

Email series for cold email prospecting or sales outreach

One of the best ways to engage potential customers in dialogue is through cold email outreach.

Salespeople can save time and increase the efficiency of their cold prospecting by using sales outreach email campaigns to send behavior-based follow-ups based on whether a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or answers. Make email templates through CRM for small businesses.

The goal is to engage potential customers in conversation. There could be four emails. and last for two to three weeks in a sequence.

Email chain for re-engagement

A re-engagement email cycle’s goal is to encourage recipients to respond to your emails.

You may either win back past customers who have stopped using your product. You can re-engage leads who have stopped responding to your communications. Send a brief sequence of emails with incentives to disengaged customers and prospects. This will encourage them to get back in touch with your business.

The goal is to win back the people. There should only be two to three emails. Achieve this goal with the best CRM solution provider UAE.

Series of emails for renewal

Emails sent out throughout the renewal process serve as a reminder to current users that their subscription or license is about to expire and that they still have time to renew. A renewal email cycle often consists of three emails: one just before the subscription expires, one on the actual expiration date, and a final email sent after the membership has expired to remind consumers to renew. You can stop the series as soon as a customer renews using behavior-based triggers, preventing them from receiving pointless emails that might annoy them.

The goal is to convince current clients to renew their memberships or licenses. Before the license or subscription expires, the sequence duration can be 30 days. CRM for small businesses is more profitable in automation.

How to create an email cycle with CRM?

Use automation to make sure that anytime a new lead matches a given condition, such as a particular budget. You put them in a customized lead nurturing email cycle that “warms them up” through instructive content. Automatically update your CRM and notify your sales employees to follow up with those leads and close the deal after the email series.

The CRM software Dubai Email Marketing Template features automation, unique audience generation, email design tools, and integrations with your preferred services. Compared to conventional email marketing software, the drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it simpler to create, carry out, and manage email marketing campaigns. Emerald is the best CRM solution provider UAE.

Get notifications and statistics on sent campaigns, sync leads, and subscribers, and manage all of your campaigns from one location.

Add the email marketing template to your workflow to facilitate easy team collaboration in one location.


You can scale your business and save time and money with an automated email campaign. Sending timely, pertinent, and targeted communications that nurture, engage, and convert leads into paying customers is possible using time-based or behavior-based triggers. Choose the top CRM solution provider UAE for all the automation processes for which you feel satisfied with your investment.

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