top 10 POS Software in Dubai, UAE 2023

In both physical stores and online platforms, the highly competitive business landscape of the UAE demands adopting modern POS software. By implementing POS software in Dubai, merchants can simplify their payment processes and elevate their customer service.

Managing sales and payments goes beyond mere cash records for online retail businesses. In this context, POS software is a pivotal tool to store sales data, update inventory, and record customer information. The utilization of such systems represents a valuable investment for businesses, as they bring about a complete transformation of various business processes.

Therefore, this article lists the top 10 POS Software in Dubai, UAE, 2023.

What is POS Software?

A point of sale (POS), also known as a point of purchase, is where you process customer transactions. Whether customers are checking out online, approaching your checkout counter, or selecting items from your stand or booth, they are at the point of sale.

Your point-of-sale system encompasses the hardware and software necessary to facilitate these sales in your business. It includes the tools and technology that enable seamless and efficient customer transactions.

How does POS Software in Dubai help businesses grow?

A POS system enables your business to accept customer payments and efficiently manage sales. While the concept seems straightforward, the setup varies based on whether you operate online, have a physical store, or run both.

Traditionally, a point-of-sale system referred to the cash register at a physical store. However, in modern times, POS systems are entirely digital, allowing you to process customer transactions from anywhere. With a POS app and an internet-enabled device, like a tablet or phone, you can conveniently check out customers regardless of location.

Let’s start with the list of the top 10 POS Software in Dubai. 


Foodics presents a cloud-based all-in-one restaurant management system in English and Arabic for iPad users. With multiple add-on iOS apps and continuous developments, numerous restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and fast-food chains across the Middle East have increased revenues and improved customer relationships. Since its establishment in 2014, Foodics has brought a revolutionary change to the food tech scene in Dubai. As a result, it has become a leading point of sale system in the UAE, with steady growth in the rest of the GCC region. Hence, offering cutting-edge solutions and real-time management, Foodics empowers its clients and provides a unique dining experience that is fit for the future.

Accounting Software UAE POS:

The Accounting Software UAE POS is a touch-based restaurant Point of Sale system that utilizes cutting-edge technology to elevate restaurant operations to the next level. Packed with numerous excellent features, this POS Software UAE enables you to manage productivity efficiently. Its user-friendly interface, complete touch support, and full customization options make it a preferred choice. 

Additionally, it offers features like employee and time management, a multi-language interface, and support for different payment methods and currencies. So, it makes itself a versatile solution for businesses. 

The POS system seamlessly integrates with various mainstream front-office organizations and streamlines the billing process by pulling up table or room numbers when needed. Bills are automatically sent to the designated room within the property and then reassigned to accounting systems. With inventory management, email receipts, and more, this software helps companies save time, increase productivity, and meet their needs effectively.

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Emerald POS:

The Emerald POS software Dubai ensures a fast, straightforward billing process with constant data synchronization. Dubai’s top retail companies widely use it, making it the best POS software available. It offers robust functionalities besides its exceptional efficiency as a POS Machine in Dubai, UAE. The software includes essential solutions and value-added features, such as sales monitoring and recording for store operations and the back office. Consequently, it maximizes performance and KPI reporting, cloud reporting and data backup, inventory and stock management, and features for returns, refunds, and store credit. 

This leading POS provider also offers reliable customer support around the clock. Emerald, a retail POS, efficiently handles real-time inventory management, product tracking, and electronic invoice. Additionally, it ensures customers enjoy a seamless purchasing experience. It is particularly designed for the Dubai market and is a top choice for those purchasing a POS system in Saudi Arabia.


POSRocket is dedicated to supporting growing and independent businesses. This intuitive and secure cloud-based Point of Sale system empowers merchants to operate smarter businesses by optimizing staffing, regulating inventory, accepting payments, and accessing sales reports and customer information, all on a seamless platform. The PosRocket customer care team is available 24/7. They provide a robust support network for business owners as they expand. This application helps organize and unite small to medium-sized shops and restaurants in the region. It indeed transitions them from traditional cash registers to an easily accessible and user-friendly POS solution. Serving as a personal assistant, it efficiently manages all aspects of the business, accessible from anywhere at any time. For those seeking affordable Point of Sale systems in the UAE, POSRocket is a worthy consideration.


When discussing the latest trends in business, POS always arises as it offers a perfect online solution for handling retail companies. Enter NextTotal, the new market trend in retail POS for businesses. Our cloud-based POS system is the ultimate solution, particularly catering to small businesses. NextTotal is designed to enhance business efficiency by streamlining tasks and eliminating gaps. Thus, it offers a simple user interface that speeds up retail operations and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Oversee POS:

Five years ago, Oversee POS emerged on the scene, and since then, they have expanded our business across continents. Their POS systems are specially designed and tailored for today’s businesses. Besides, they offer features even their competitors need to provide at this price range. When you choose Oversee POS for your business, they take care of your business while you focus on your guests. In this technologically advanced world, they continuously seek and introduce new solutions to ease the workload and ensure smooth business operations. Their latest invention, Pantry Management, accelerates work processes and delivers results promptly.

Wondersoft ShopAid:

Wondersoft ShopAid is a leading Point of Sale provider in the UAE. They have been offering retail and distribution solutions for the past two decades. Besides, with a strong presence, they support over 14,000+ independent retailers and 200+ retail chains. Their headquarters are in Chennai, India, and they have local offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Dubai. They operate in 25 countries worldwide, and their solutions are sold and supported through partner networks providing onsite assistance. ShopAid is a standalone Point of Sale application for independent and high-volume retail outlets. It offers end-to-end features to help complete store operations, including financial management, inventory control, procurement, management of expired/damaged items, loyalty programs, and promotions.

Sapaad Cloud POS:

Sapaad is a global SaaS (Software as a Service) company that creates outstanding software experiences. Its flagship product, Sapaad, is widely used by thousands of users across the globe. Based in Singapore, with additional offices in Dubai and India, Sapaad boasts vital stakeholders and investors with extensive experience in web, mobility, and e-commerce domains. At the core of Sapaad is an elegant and robust Point of Sale (POS) system. Built with a strong emphasis on usability, the POS facilitates seamless customer service for walk-in, dine-in, take-away, or home delivery orders.

Omega POS:

Omega Software is a prominent worldwide Point of Sale company catering to the hospitality and retail industries. They offer POS and Enterprise Management Solutions to various businesses, including table service, delivery, fast food, fine dining, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and different retail environments. The powerful and user-friendly software aids in saving time, boosting productivity, and meeting the evolving needs of the rapidly changing world.

Focus POS:

Focus POS is a cloud-based Point of Sale system in the UAE. It covers every aspect of retail stores, tailored specifically for businesses in operation. This retail POS system is ideal for single-location and multi-location stores and seamlessly integrates with third-party systems. With cutting-edge billing, finance, and inventory management modules, it is considered one of the best POS software options. Notably, it includes VAT features and automated options for income filing.

The Bottom Line

Regarding retail inventory management or precise data analysis, there’s no doubt that POS software stands out as the ultimate all-in-one solution. Above all, the best POS software is the one that seamlessly integrates with your business system and effectively achieves your objectives.

The POS solution in Dubai, alongside accounting software, ensures the smooth functioning of your business operations, regardless of location, internet connectivity, or the number of platforms involved. Therefore, this omnichannel solution efficiently consolidates data from all units within your business network. Finally, it empowers you to take charge of your future success.

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