Top 10 Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE 2023

The real estate industry has experienced a digital revolution, transforming the way properties are bought and sold. With the power of technology, buyers can now search and purchase homes right from their smartphones with just a few clicks. Sellers can also list their properties and secure the best deals for their sales. However, behind each transaction, there is a need to address the administrative requirements of property owners and investors across various deals. Real estate software in Dubai, UAE offers the ideal solution to streamline administrative tasks and overcome management challenges faced by real estate companies worldwide.

Here are some of the Best Property Management Software in the UAE.

Emerald-Real Estate Software

Emerald Property Management Software offers improved efficiency and visibility for managing both occupied and vacant properties. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate organizations and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This real estate software Dubai encompasses features such as lease management, financials, and asset management, all tailored to address the dynamic challenges faced by the real estate industry. With its advanced capabilities, Emerald Property Management Software Dubai effectively handles tenant queries and complaints. Its unique structure is adaptable to any business, and the web-based tools enable organizations to establish an online presence quickly and cost-effectively.

Accounting Software UAE- Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software UAE is a comprehensive and innovative solution designed specifically for the real estate industry in the United Arab Emirates. It provides advanced features and functionalities to streamline various aspects of real estate operations, including property listing and management, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, financial management, and reporting.

With Real Estate Software UAE, real estate companies can efficiently manage their property portfolios, track leads and inquiries, automate sales processes, generate contracts and agreements, handle property rentals and leasing, and perform comprehensive financial analysis. The property management software is tailored to meet the unique requirements and regulatory compliance of the UAE real estate market.


BlueSky Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE is the leading property management software in Dubai. BlueSky is a Cloud-based Real Estate Software designed to satisfy all the requirements of property management companies. BlueSky Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE offers many values added services like tools for managing Tenants, Contacts, Leasing, Accounting, and Financial, Reporting, and Analytics as well as maintaining the property and related Assets. This property management software is developed for better growth & to reduce the administrative hurdle of any real estate company. 

Adept Business Solutions

Adept Business Solutions provides software applications for small and medium-sized businesses in the Middle East. Adept Business Solutions focus on customer relationship and engagement. Adept Business Solutions Property Management Software MySpacio is a web-based real estate management software that manages Property Info, Tenancy Agreement, Tenant Info, and other real estate-related information. It also has alerts feature for customer cheque collection, agreement renewal alert, property tax, and government dues alert, etc. MySapcio is customizable based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

Pact Business Solutions

Pact Business solutions are one the most popular software for property management, sub-leasing, sales, brokerage, and maintenance management. Pact manages properties and accounts at one go. The software helps to automatically create different types of contracts – for property purchase, sales or leasing and manage them effectively throughout the contract. Pact helps in simplifying & streamline your business with key features like centralized information, reminders via SMS & Email, Tenancy contracts, sales & rental quotations, and many more.

OSOS Property Management

OSOS is a top-notch property management software that caters to individuals, agents, and companies. A cloud-based property management solution that eases the pain of traditional methods. OSOS is designed with top-class features & technology which is fully responsive and well-integrated software. The software comes with a variety of packages to suit the different needs of the business.

CORAL Business Solutions

Coral Business Solutions offers top-notch Real Estate ERP solutions in the UAE, leveraging 16+ years of expertise. Their integrated software provides intelligent business insights and predicts market trends, streamlining real estate operations. The Real Estate ERP includes features such as property sales, rental management, customer and tenant supervision, contract administration, accounting, and analytics, delivering a simplified enterprise solution for a seamless user experience.


Letosys offers software applications that aim to integrate business processes across departments into a unified information system, enabling seamless communication and leveraging data for organizational growth. Their Property Management Software helps real estate businesses reduce costs and run profitably through analytical information systems. With customizable modules, Letosys software can be tailored to meet specific organizational requirements and needs.


Focussoftnet offers advanced and cloud-based ERP systems for real estate management in UAE. Their customizable and scalable software solutions effectively address property and construction-related challenges. With Focussoftnet’s real estate ERP software, businesses can optimize time and resource management while tracking all operations. Real-time information enables informed decision-making backed by accurate data.


Linkinsoft is a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable solution services. Our Real Estate ERP solution is designed to cater to the needs of brokers, developers, and facility managers, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution. With our Real Estate ERP, you can efficiently manage various operations in your real estate business, including Property Management, Sales, Facilities, Accounts, and Client Management.

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